The beginning...

The Centre Méditerranéen was initially created by Jean Moreau in 1952 to promote peace by educating the Youth after the Second World War, it strove to bring together in particular French and German students. Its main aim was to create a new form of communication and comprehension between the younger generations by combining the study of the French language, the expression of art and creativity. Very soon, the meetings became international.

The stunning beauty of the Mediterranean made the Cote d'Azur a natural choice for the site of this humanistic project, which was backed by the OFAJ as early as 1963. The idyllic surroundings, the warm welcome and the unique art of living more than compensate the unpretentious accommodation.

Jean Cocteau first discovered the Centre in 1956, at a time when there were daily musical and theatrical performances and the idea of an open-air amphitheatre was taking form, as always he was interested in the enthusiasm of youth. During four years, up until a few months before his death he designed and then decorated the amphitheatre which became an important cultural site thanks to his love of the arts and the stage and his close acquaintance with many of the great artists of his time.

Thus in 1963 the French-German Festival for Youth was launched and has been attended by many of the greatest artists : M Millstein, A.Rubinstein, H.Scerina, R.Kubelick, Munchinger, I.Stern, P.Kuentz, N.Zabaletta, H.Dreyfus, A.Navarra, Guilets, Byron Janis, D.Oistrack, C.Jamet, C.Lardé, P.Lagoya, S.François, J.P.Rampal, J.P Valez, M.Muller-Kant, G.Tacchino, A.Ciccolini, Magnardi, A.Scherbaum... Among others, the Festival has been under the patronage of André Malraux.

Since then the amphitheatre and the performances which take place during the artistic summer exchanges play an important role in the life of the centre.

From the beginning language courses and the study of French civilisation were added to these cultural and artistic activities, offering participants an insight into France, its culture and its way of life. Our progressive and avant-garde educational methods have been adapted to modern language learning and have thus been officially recognised by our institutional partners.


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